Mccormick IH two row planter


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Well, I think everything has gone my way this time. I found a two row planter that I think will work. It needs a little TLC, a good cleaning. I think all of the parts are on it. Both seed boxes are in great shape, the two fertilizer bins are re made but they move. Now the big thing is to figure out how everything moves and is supposed to work.

Any suggestions on where to find an owners manual? But first I have to figure out what the actual model number is? Any suggestion on where to find that number on the planter. I am semi handy when it comes to fixing stuff, but this farming equipment is all very new to me. My hunting buddy calls me a city boy and his mother (grew up on farm) tells me that I am just feeding the birds when it come to my food plots.

I have been looking for a planter for the last 5 years. Its coming home on Friday. I believe I have a new winter project a head of me. The wife isn't going to like giving up her side of the garage!!!!!

I will post some pics when I get it home

Thanks strut


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If you do enough searching on the internet you'll be able to find out when they were made and probably a manual. Chances are it's all set up and doesn't need adjusting of any kind. Probably made in the 50's or 60's. Usually just a good cleaning and replace any grease fittings with new ones is probably all it needs. . Just don't force anything if it doesn't move. LOL. I have and antique John Deere planter but I borrowed an IH one time. It had a nice feature of being able to disengage the fertilizer bins if they weren't needed. There's nothing really complicated on them if you need to fix or replace something you can usually find an alternative. I've always found it easier to just fertilize the whole feed accordingly rather than using the fertilizer bins. It's just for starter anyway. I know a guy who built a fertilizer side dresser for his 4 wheeler that works way better than the bins.


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Pictures will help out a lot to help determine which model it is. I'm assuming it's a pull type vs a 3 point hitch version? Either way the operation is similar. Lincoln Ag Products still sells the plate for them

I'm not sure if IHC copied John Deere on the design, of visa versa, but I believe the of the units will be very similar. Yetter bought out the rights of the JD Model 71 planter and you can take a look at one of their current manuals and operation, to compare with what you bought. Like Buckly said, they aren't real complicated.