Making your own trees


Alright guys I am already thinking on habitat improvements for next year and was wanting to try my hand at making my own trees. I was gonna order some rootstock and I have some trees that I can gather scions from. I was wanting to plant them in pots and hold them at the house for a fall planting. Would I need root maker pots to do that? Any source for root stock? Or even scions? I am wanting to do some apple trees and also have some native persimmons I am wanting to graft. Thanks for any input and recommendations
I grafted 8 trees this year. We ordered root stock from Burnt ridge Nursery. 50/50 M111 and Antonovka. Some of the scion I collected and I ordered the rest from Big Horse Creek in North Carolina.

The M111 were planted in one gallon Rootmaker injection molded containers, Antonovka in 3 gallon.

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@weekender21 Did you keep them potted over the summer? I am just worried about the trees outgrowing the pot

Yes, still potted. If you choose an appropriate size pot when compared to the root ball you shouldn’t have to worry about the tree outgrowing the pot in a single growing season. The air pruning nature of the Rootmaker pots offer a bit of insurance against circling.

I’ll likely plant these trees in their final location in spring 2023. If I don’t for some reason, they’ll be planted in a larger pot.

For the record, this is my first attempt grafting apples!

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I use a fabric decomposing pot for my scions.......i live decent ways away from my farm so i can't monitor my newly grafted trees very well, so i plant them in pots at my house. You got to make sure you keep up on watering though. I'm not sure how much success you will have with grafting this late in season, i can't speak to that, as usually i do mine in early spring and then about now i will get them to their final destination to settle in for the winter and i put pot right in the ground and cut out the bottom, by next year the fabric has decomposed

I get my rootstock from Blue Hill and then use scionwood from either some of my current trees or have ordered from random places as well to try out.
@BoneCrusher20 I am planning on grafting this spring, Just trying to get all my ducks in a row before spring hits and I am running around all crazy. I like the idea of using the decomposing pots for ease of transferring and planting.
Anyone know of a place to get good persimmon scions from? I would like a mix of late and early dropping trees in my food plot to try and hold deer hitting it as long as possible