Make all the mistakes once....


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I got to cruising my last year's grafting results today and got a bit of a shock. I noticed that some of my grafts had much more successful growth than others - as well as some that had leafed out and then died. Didn't think anything of it until I started unwrapping the grafts. On some, I had wrapped the union much too tightly, choking off the nutrient supply to the graft. In a couple cases the base branch was actually deeply indented by the tape. So, for those starting out, here's another mistake to avoid.
This year's grafts will be wrapped with paraffin tape, possibly overlaid with a wrapped length of cut rubber band, not overtightened.
MMMmmm. I prefer to think of it as a partnership - and I just have to continue to figure out what I need to do to contribute my share. Mother Nature pretty much plays by the rules.........