Looking for a new late season coat


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I’m currently looking for a new jacket for the late season freeze. I have an exceptionally hard time staying warm out in the stand once December and January hit. I’ve been looking at the Cabela’s Wooltimate jacket, the Cabela’s MT050 jacket, and the nat gear winterceptor parka. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Tree stand or box? Many swear by heater body suit. I sit in box blind a lot when it's cold. I leave a couple old covers in there and wrap up.
For a box blind, I use heaters. I bought a few Coleman propane heaters several years ago and I would much rather dress lighter and use the heater. They aren't made now, so I don't know what I'll do when they wear out, the Little Buddy gets too hot.
I have experience with the Cabbalas MT050 gear and I like it a lot. I have the coveralls, and it has to get very cold for me to break them out. However, I have recently changed tactics on staying warm. For me the key is to pack in my clothes. A lot of time in the winter I will go in wearing just a long sleeve shirt and a pair of light pants; but when I get to stand I take that off and put on my heavy base layer and layer out as appropriate for the weather from there. Not getting too hot walking in and layering have been the keys for me staying warm.
That is funny Dry Creek about the little Buddy being too hot but I'm with you. I like to take off the heavy coats and boots and relax in 70 degree temps versus needing gloves, hats, ear muffs and insulated boots at anything less than thirty degrees. That is the beauty of the box blind in addition to reduced scent control problems of course.

For actual coats worn when sitting "outside" it really depends on the temperature. Many layers of light clothes keep me fine down to thirty degrees; after that the Cabelas' brand double layer coats and pants do the trick. I also have the heater body suit which is extra stuff to carry but it ends any cold discomfort at temperatures down to 10 degrees or so. One could hunt in colder weather if they wanted to but we have enough weeks to hunt in milder weather that it just doesn't make sense to battle temperatures much below zero.
Insulated Bibs help keep your back warm, once the low back goes the rest of the body follows.

I bought a Bib,Parka with a Jacket inside from Bass Pro some years back. Works great as you can separate the jacket if needed.

I like to sit in an open air stand. I use a Mr Buddy, bigger that the little buddy, to keep the edge off if it’s really cold.

Those heater body suits are supposed to work well way down into the sub digits.
I’ve got both the wooltimate jacket and the vest. Both are super warm. The jacket is too bulky for bow hunting, at least for me. They run big too. I also bought the stand hunter extreme bids on sale last year. Wore them a couple times on really cold days. They’re absolutely the best. They are bulky and you don’t want to walk around in them because you’ll overheat fast but for temps in the teens late December last year they were awesome.

I’m in central Missouri so we don’t get extreme cold but I get cold easy and on our alternative methods season last year we were in the teens and single digits. I didn’t get cold at all with the bibs and coat. I really like the pockets in th back of the bibs for hot hands packs. Warm kidneys equal a warm body.
I’ve got the mto50 as well but rarely use. I find it far more successful to wear multiple layers with a less bulky jacket. For cold weather, I’ll double up on long johns (polar + midweight cabelas). I’ll then wear a fleece pullover, heavy wool shirt, heavy Duluth vest and a browning insulated (primo loft) jacket. I then add a neck gator and matching pull over cap. I’ll walk to my stand with jacket and vest unzipped (without the gator cap). I’ll also pack in a heavy winstopper fleece pull over in case I’m colder than expected. When hunting my rednecks, I prefer not to use the the heater buddies because of condensation/fogging of window. I find it easier to adapt to cold temps with multiple layers over a warm bulkier coat.
I can't recommend a jacket but I will state that I bought merino wool underwear several years ago and always include that as my first layer. It wicks away moisture so that helps a lot. I layer up when I sit in blinds and have not been cold since I started wearing this underwear.
For a box blind, I use heaters. I bought a few Coleman propane heaters several years ago and I would much rather dress lighter and use the heater. They aren't made now, so I don't know what I'll do when they wear out, the Little Buddy gets too hot.
I'm sure you can find them on ebay. I had an old coleman oven that went on the coleman stove, I couldn't believe the response I got on there.
I have the wooltimate stuff ( pants, jacket, vest, and gaitor) and don't have any complaints. It's warm and quite wind resistant. I start wearing it when temps are in the 30s. It's also really quiet.

You will still have to layer with the wooltimate if you are stand hunting as it's not a parka type setup, but with a vest and a couple fleece jackets under it you can take some cold temps.