Lime Question


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I need to add lime to my plots I plan to plant soybeans sometime around or after may 1st. I will have to do pelletized lime I was wondering when I should apply the lime and if I can broadcast on top of the ground or if it needs to be tilled/disced in the ground. Thanks for any help in advance.


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Apply as soon as you can. Best worked in a bit but ok either way
I agree with lakngulf, if your doing it off of a soil test just put it down asap. Work it in if you can. You wont see an immediate response either way though.


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Best time to add is today, next best time is tomorrow, and so on...if you can't work it in you will still be ok...


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I've broadcast coarse lime in light soil before and had it bring up the pH from 5.6-6.5 in one season. Still had a good plot right after I applied. Whole different story if you've got heavy soil.