Lime on standing crop

Probably hurting for sulfur and magnesium. Those food plot soil tests only measure about 1/4 of the information you really need to trouble shoot something like this. But with low magnesium to start, low CEC, and low OM, you've probably got no sulfur, and even if you put magnesium on in some way, it's not gonna be quick like leachables.
I looked at it again today when I filled my protein feeder. I don't think it has enough clover in it to be viable, although the deer are still feeding in it some. Tomorrow it's gly time and next week it goes to IC peas. Thanks for the comments.
Just broadcast 60 bags of lime on standing crops. Tractors are overrated! (I kid)

Consider me a big fan of the Swisher ATV spreader. It’s a solid piece of equipment. The only gripe I have is I would like the see a wider spread pattern. That said, everything else is way better than the junk ATV spreaders I’ve owned before.

I have a pull behind that I use to fertilize my yard and have used it on some small plots here at home. I pull it with my zero turn mower. Never put lime out with it but I don't see why it wouldn't.