Lights in the sky?

Look like some sort of flare to me
That's exactly what I thought. We live fairly close to an Airforce base, and there are miles of uninhabited pasture behind our place. Figured it was "practice" of some sort. Figured someone here would recognize it and know.
Any National Guard facilities nearby? Normally military flares last longer, but who knows...
If you didn't have it on film Cat, Id say a Jack Daniel illumination. We have lots of F-16 and stealth bomber manuevers over my farm at various times of day and night and while mine fly at tree top , if they were flying that elevation you could get similar look as you show. But I'm with J, obviously aliens blown off course by your winds.
Talked with a few people who was watching them too (20 miles from our place). Doubt a drone would show up that far away.

Military is the only thing that makes sense to me, but we saw strange stuff... much more strange than what I got recorded.

Jack D. is always a good guess, but he wasn't a factor last night.