Let’s hear hunting stories with the kids


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I have a lot of these stories so I will start it. When my son was 9 years old I took him with me for the mentor hunt. This was the last year on the lease land I was in. The woman that owned the land passed away and her son sold it right away but back to the story. It was about a hour before dark and it was like somebody open a gate and said move deer. A spike walked up and he couldn’t find it in the scope so it got away. Ten minutes later a 6 point was coming up the ridge to our left and he was already shaking then he whispered dad a deer to the right is coming it was a bigger 6 point so it was on his side of the stand so he wanted to go for it. I was watching the buck to the left to make sure he didn’t spot us. Then my son says big buck. I said I know buddy just get ready. He is like no dad look behind that 6 point and oh my gosh guys it was a huge 10 point. I told my son try to stop shaking and told him where to aim. It’s about 40 yards away now and my boy was shaking so bad and I whispered you know where to aim so take the shot. He never look at me or said a word to me. Well it keeps walking and I was behind my son so I looked through his scope and he had the buck in his sights but no shooting. Finally the deer was out of sight and my boy turns to me and says dad he was huge. I said why didn’t you shoot buddy. He said I couldn’t. Said I was froze I couldn’t move. Although I would have loved for him to shoot that buck I just smiled and said that’s called buck eggy buddy. Guys always say why wouldn’t you just shoot the buck. It would have been the biggest buck I ever got but I would have done it the same way again bc it is a story my son tells all the time. He is 12 now and is a great little hunter. I have more I will post after I read some of your stories. If you have one take a minute and let us read it.

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Great story Chris and thx for sharing! Too many great memories of the boys and me when they were just beginning to hunt. When I have time I’ll respond with a couple of stories.
Sounds good. I have started this thread on a couple forums. It’s just nice reading some funny and positive stories. Also when you write it kinda takes you back in the moment
I have several as well...hunting with kids is just a hoot sometimes!

One time I was hunting on a steep bank (intending on shooting a deer on the trail below us). I had my boy with me (before he was hunting) so we was sitting on the ground. We get in fine and as the morning progresses....nothing. My boy does pretty good for the first 2 hours or so of daylight.....but now Tom is getting bored. If you have ever taken a kid hunting you know what that means. "I'm tired", "I'm hungry", "are we done yet", "I got to pee", "I'm cold" and the fidgeting starts.... This goes on for 30 minutes or so....and I am out of patience and it's pushing 10am. I tell Tom we are getting ready to go, but he still needs to move slowly. So he stands up and is between two decent sized trees and sort of reaches out to each in opposite directions as to stretch. "Dad....DAD!" "There is a deer right there!!" Tom whispers to me. "What deer?", I ask. Tom doesn't move but uses his head to indicate the deer was above us...."It's right there!". So I look Tom in the eyes and tell him, "Don't move!". I peak up over the weeds and sure as hell there is a little buck standing maybe 20 yards from us. The deer had come from a direction I didn't anticipate....imagine that! There was some weeds between us and the edge of the field the deer was standing in. It wasn't a deer I was after but I saw no need to spook it either. I just settled back down to see what would happen. This deer walks into the trees where we are and is literally standing close enough where Tom could have turned around and touched it! Tom is looking at me with the deer at his back....I can see Tom...and the deer. Tom is shaking because he knows how close the deer is, but knows he can't move. The little buck moves down the slope maybe 10 yards and I felt a slight breeze....the buck snorted and bolted. I thought Tom was going to pee his pants! After the deer bolted Tom nearly crashes to the ground...."Dad...my legs won't work!" I explained to him that the excitement makes the body do funny things. He said, "How about next time we don't get so close!" This is one of many "adventures" that where maybe 5 to 10 minutes long but created memories that we will share for a lifetime.
I copied this one from my Property Tour thread, still my favorite hunt with my son.


The kids luck in the pretty food plot continues. He only had one spot he wanted to set the blind, the exact same place he killed his first deer last fall. We didn't hear much after sun up. I was chatting back and forth with a couple of hens for 15 or 20 minutes just trying to get a turkey in the plot for him to see. All of the sudden a gobble sounded off 10 yards from the side of the blind. Hit the mouth call and he would double and triple gobble. Took me another 10 minutes or so to get him in front of the blind. The kid was about to have a break down. Finally I took my hand off the trigger guard and told him to go ahead and kill him at about 15 yards. A little turkey fever but on the second shot he rolled. We while walking up I told him I thought it was a pretty big bird. We get up there and it is a double bearded 24 pounder. Main beard was thick and just over 11". Probably the best turkey hunt I have ever been on!


Ever tried to pack out a bird half your weight?
He didn't make it very far!

A lot of great stories. I have another one. It was the last day of the deee season where my son got his buck eggy. Got to the stand before day break and was seeing son does and I had my son practice getting them in the scope and trying to stay calm. He did a good job at that. Then around 10am I turned around and seen a deer coming from behind us and whispered to my son a deer is coming. Now keep in mind he found all the does in the scope no problem. We finally got a look and it was a nice 4 point. Well I could feel the stand start shaking from him. I said just take a couple deep breathes and relax. He said dad I want to get this one. I made a little joke to calm him down about letting the monster buck walk. He giggled...now this 4 point is 10 yards away and he couldn’t find it in the scope. I grunted softly and he stop wide open timber broad side. Well still couldn’t find him. Here we go I thought. Lol.. it got clean at the bottom of the ridge and I said buddy you have to find him bc 5 more yards he is out of sight. I grunted real loud. The buck stopped and I heard. I found him dad I got him in the scope. I whispered are you on the kill zone. He said yeah. I said pull the trigger buddy. He took a deep breathe like we practice and then I heard boom. He dropped the 4 point where it stood. We where pumped. He was so happy he had tears in his eyes and well if I am going to be 100% honest Dad’s eyes might have been a little teared up also. After high 5’s for a minute we went down and I showed him how to approach a animal to make sure they are dead. It was about a 90 yard shoot for his first buck. Great job the reality set in and I looked up the ridge and said oh no. He said what. I said we have to drag him up that ridge now. 3 hours later we made it to the top. Thanks for reading and looking forward to reading more of your stories