Latest date to plant soybeans?


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What's the latest date you could plant beans and still get pod production? I'm in North Carolina.
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I'm not familiar with your growing season, but in the midwest a lot of double crop beans are planted after the wheat harvest in early July. They don't yield like early planted beans, but they produce.
We are still cutting wheat and depending on if it rains this we may not get beans in until end of June,in Kansas
It's all going to depend on what variety/group of soybean your planting. Like was stated - in the mid-west many time wheat is harvested in mid summer and soybeans are drilled shortly after and those beans are a specific group/variety to do this. They don't get tall and won't offer much forage, but still provide a grain to be harvested in the fall. IF you plant a soybean group/variety that was intended to be a "full season" bean (thus spring planted) and wait too long, then the plant won't have enough time to mature and produce the grain before the weather changes. Your growing season may be very different than what I see here so you need to reach out to someone in your area to help you out with what you are trying to do. Ag soybeans are a science all their own. I don't even begin to try to understand it all.
Soybeans are light sensitive. Well, dark sensitive. I can't think of the right word! Shortening days trigger flowering. I'm sure you'll find some producers in North Carolina East of I-95 planting beans well into July. You'll need a group 5 soybean seed. Or 6 if you can find them.
Ah! photoperiod, yes?
The final planting date for a producer to have full crop insurance protection is July 15th in Duplin County, NC. That tells me there will be 'beans planted in that part of the state till the end of July, maybe August if the price is right. Pods are where the money is!
Thanks for all the help and replies guys. I been swamped with work and then when I did have a day off it was to wet to plant. I was finally able to get them in the ground on July 4th.