Late planted Brassica


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Good day! It has been a while but I figured I throw this out if anyone wanted to follow along. Planted a Brassica plot a little later than I would usually plant.


Mowed the area on august 7th then decided it best next step would be to till the ground due to the amount of trash. I spread 13-13-13 at around 400 lbs per acre (no fertilizer for the past 2 years) then tilled twice to break up the root balls from the grass.

The following day I drilled in my brassica mix

Following some timely rains I checked the plots on the 13th and found not only the brassica to be growing, but also some grass.


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Keep in mind this is drilled at what Paul Knox always used. The only difference is I added about a third of a pound of Ethiopian Cabbage to the mix.

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Late? About a month early for me. LOL

And you bring up a great point. Planting times differ by location or by intended use of said plot. For me, I like to have them planted around the 4th of July in my area. That is going to give me full growth for when season opens. Some years I could get another month or month and a half of growing days but not always.

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Ethiopian cabbage? There are so many questions I could ask, and comments I could make about that. But, I won’t.
True but the deer seem to really like it and I am always up for diversity.

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Do you have a reason why? Is it just overused?

Having a diverse food plot is like setting the deer up with a smorgasbord. Some days they want beef and some days it is chicken.

Let’s not even forget about the different root structures reaching out and making future air tunnels and water infiltration systems.

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Nice plot but I really spent more time gawking at the big ass bush hog and no till. Looks good.

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Do you have a reason why? Is it just overused?

Yeah. You’d just have to know my background. But, in the instance the op used it, I understand what you mean and agree—-a variety of plants available benefit both the deer and the soil. I was just trying to amuse myself.
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Update 8/6/20

The brassica mix is doing well. Since right after it was planted I received about 1/2 inch of rain one week ago. Ground is dry and doesn’t look like I will need to spray. Yes there is some grass but I think the brassica are overcoming the grass.


When you hear about compaction issues and food plot equipment, realize the compaction issue is deeper than many of our tools can address. In this next photo you can clearly see an area of this plot that gets extra traffic from wheels. These are all smaller tractors from making hay to me addressing food plot needs. Needless to say there are huge reasons to stay off your plots when they are not dry! And be careful of “roadway” plots with years and years of tire traffic.


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