Brassica Traffic Tolerance


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I got some logging trails that have really been opened up and i planted them with brassicas ........i didn't think about this until i have some work to do ha. How tolerant are brassica mixes to traffic....i can go around with tractor, but like ATV can it handle a pass every now and then and bounce back or if you run over the vegetation that's pretty much it for it? Guessing its not nearly as hardy as clover that can run over multiple times and doesn't phase it.
Early they do OK. However, in my experience, as the tubers grow, you run the risk of breaking the tuber and killing them.
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yeah starting to approach that little over month of growth....guessing may be foot traffic from here on out, but yeah was curious if others had experience with driving over them
Only first month and then just couple times. Negative after that.

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