Larch stand to food plot


I was cruising the property yesterday and snapped this picture. Four years ago this was a dense mature larch stand. No understory whatsoever except for giant ferns.


This picture kind of captures it all. It’s growing like crazy. First year for corn which is doing great. My first box blind build. Small orchards on each end. The far end I left come up as a clear cut. The regeneration in there is amazing. I’m excited to see what another five years brings for this plot.
I harvested the larch out. Had a picture and video of feller buncher working on my old phone. Such an awesome machine to watch work. Had two retired operators come in and make me a field. Combined had about 80 to 90 years experience and you could tell


The regeneration is amazing and how far it has come. Here is a picture of the opposite end of the larch stand I’m letting come up as a clear cut


You can see my box blind peaking through


Same day view from opposite end. It’s amazing the stuff we do for deer haha