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Anyone on here have experience with Lablab? Thinking of putting in a two acre summer plot. Everything I read says its very drought tolerant which is what I'm after.

I planted it in a mix last year with buckwheat, cowpeas and sunflowers. Was a heavily used summer plot before a fall planting.

I believe I used 15 lbs/acre Buckwheat, 30 lbs IC cowpeas, 15 lbs lablab, 5 lbs sunflowers. We didn't have anything resembling drought conditions however. The lablab seed is comparatively pretty large so make sure you cover it properly when planting.
I planted it last year and it did well under drought conditions. After 70 days without rain it was still looking as good as when planted. It did slow down on growing. Took a couple of hard frost to kill it.

I tried it 2 years ago and worked well

I had to buy on line as i couldn't get from local co-ops