Kudos to the Mods

lol still working on that logo :) I need to bump down the menu about half an inch but EVERYTHING is tied to that setting.

I'm going to make it a small one for now and then work on it later. Maybe we can all vote on a new theme that will work better with it, we selected this one because it was quick and easy rather than "the best"
Thanks to those responsible for setting this up, and thanks to members for being civil so far. That is not the case in most forums.
Thanks buddy. We appreciate your support. We could not have done it without the loyalty of all you guys who decided to follow over here. We have a great group of guys over here with lots of knowledge.

Isn't it nice to not have all the drama and fighting like we see at some of the other forum . Just guys wanting to improve their land and hunt!
Thanks to dogdoc for setting up a holding area on Facebook to keep us all together while Cutman and alnipper49 made this forum a reality!
While a member of the "other" forum for a while, I am glad to be more of a active participate in this forum. And not only have Dogdoc and others done a great job at ensuring continuity of this fine community, we now have a logo that embodies our passion for management. Thanks for all your work.
I agree 100%, the major bonus for me of the other forum closing down it an encouraged me to be a more active member, how much I am actually contributing remains to be seen, but I feel like if we want this to succeed we ALL need to be active especially at the beginning.
Post good stuff and tell (good) posters about this place.

I've always thought that the best way to run a forum was to try to be the best, not the biggest.