Keep a fire extinguisher handy


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Well, this afternoon sucked.





Electrical fire behind the instrument panel. I smelled smoke, turned off tractor, saw flames under the hood, and couldn’t put it out. Tried to get back to water but flames engulfed my feet and I abandoned ship.

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Wow Cutman, so sorry. Glad you are ok tho? Just crazy stuff. I see cars on road on fire too often anymore. All the electronics I guess.


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That’s a bad day cutman...I worry about a dozer fire whenever I am using it to burn piles...afraid an ember will get into some hydraulic fluid or something. Glad you are okay!


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A pressureized water extinguisher works great for small grass or wood fires if in equipt such as a baler and they can be recharged by the user.A 10lb ABC is always handy to have around.Glad you weren't hurt


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Bad deal for sure. I’ve had a fire or two on dozers but got them out before any damage occurred. We had a scraper blow a hydraulic hose once though, hose was right next to the muffler, it made a magnificent fire, especially when those big scraper tires caught. I discharged an extinguisher in it and just as soon as the extinguisher was empty the fire was right back where it was. Total loss !

Glad you got out with no damage Cut !


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Glad you made it off. My brothers old New Holland got some embers in the air intake and caught the filter and the hay dust on fire. Luckily he saw it and got it put out. He only had to replace the air filter and case.

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Bad piece of luck right there Cutman. Feel for you. Glad you're ok but a real bummer on the tractor.


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Glad you're OK

Bad s*** never happens close to my cabin......its always on the backside of property as far away from help as possible.......



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Glad your ok, it’s a sickening helpless feeling watching something burn up, had my two boys with me day the combine caught fire.


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