What is your age estimate?

Do you have any other pics?

Im interested what the members say about this

I have other pics. In those pics he doesn’t look as big. But they aren’t great pics. I think he looks young, quite honestly.

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Dynamite buck! Agree also, he doesn't look that old to me. Will be keen to see what another year does for him.

Good luck
He looks like he had a very active rut season. Hope he passed on a lot of those genes. I have no experience aging deer with antlers like that but body wise he is in as peak of condition as we ever see here. To us that is old as few deer here get to 3 1/2 let alone 4 1/2 or 5 1/2. He is a wonderful deer to have in an area. Best of luck to you in this shed season and next hunting season.