joint vetch for deer

Interesting stuff Rusty. I’m very limited on food plot acreage but I’m gonna have to try the Alyce clover and joint vetch combo in a couple of them. I can always use something that grows that well with the conditions we had this summer.
In the spring I broadcast seeded Aeschynomene on some poor ground to try it out. It eventually took off and the deer have been hammering it. I’m sold on it.
That is a good looking stand you have there. I plant a fair bit of both aeschynomene and Alyce clover in SC and it does very well provided it can get some moisture early on to get established. While I get a good bit of volunteer growth the following year, it is never thick enough to be a self-sufficient stand. I end up going in during April and either drilling or broadcasting seed just ahead of a rain shower. It does indeed love some phosphorus fertilizer.