Its rough out there


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This 4 yr old had deep forked 2's with a great drop tine. He spent the summer in a pea field about 3/4 mile from where this pic was taken. I filmed him about a mile in another direction mid Oct. Apparently other bucks took exception to his moving around into their territory. We also got great video of him in an epic fight...from a box blind on a food plot believe it or not.

Image 1-24-19 at 7.21 PM.jpg
Nice deer by the way. Kind of a stud. I would bet he himself is responsible for much of that damage. Or did he just get his butt kicked?
What do you attribute broken racks to the most? Population? Genetics? Diet? Disposition? Or just chance?
Not positive I understand your question but most broken racks come from fighting here. This particular buck has great mass and being a 4 yr old he was active fighting his way into the breeding pool. On my farm with lots of older age class bucks most of the breeding takes place with bucks 4 and older and its a war to get to join the club. we find a bunch of dead mature bucks every year. Broken antlers go with the territory though many of the mature bucks have enough mass not to break much.In our top end bucks 40-45" mass common.