It's getting ridiculous now

Bigbluetruck hopefully some of this rain tonight makes it to you! Came down hard and fast here. 2.20" in the last couple of hours. Could have done without the 10 mins of 60 mph wind driving the marble size hail.... tore the nursery trees up pretty good.
As of now we haven't got more than a few drops, talked to a friend if ours in Kearney, said they got 1.5" this afternoon already and it's still raining, plus they got 3" the other night

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Looks like we get screwed again, gonna pass right south of us.

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An entirely new definition of "getting ridiculous" now. Over 5" of rain in the last 5 hours. Our house was an island for awhile, havent seen that since 2000. Quick ! Dig a ditch from the north and we will get you some water.