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All this and here's what we get

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Update: Between a couple of little sprinkles yesterday after this one and another last night, we got a whopping .25", but when we need inches, its a drop in the bucket.

Grand Island, which is 45 min south of me, got 2-2.5" last night, I think around York they got 5" last night.
Worst year to start a plot business... so wet no one wants or can get anything done something awful
.80 last night! WOOO HOOOO! To top it off its only low 70s right now as well. I am sure we will be praying for rain again in a couple of days, but I will take what I can get. Bigbluetruck I will keep my fingers crossed that the next one lets you have a drink.
I just got back from a week out in Dawes County. Don't complain. They get a 20% chance of rain but an 80% chance of lightnening. Grass fires all over. 110 during the day. I don't see how anything survives the summer out there.
We've been getting lots in E Texas too, for this time of year. I ain't gonna gripe, it's a welcome respite for the dry, hot July we usually have.
around 12" above normal here in Central NY since January - very wet - plots look like dry river beds, so much washing out - hoping for a dry spell here!!
My north property line was the edge of 1/2 inch last weekend and we pulled alittle last night so we are ok in SC Kansas.It has been almost 100 all week with 50% or higher humidity
For those of you needing rain....please let me know. We have been getting 15 to 30 minute or longer downpours almost daily. The ground here is so saturated they are issuing flood warnings and the like. I will gladly box up some of this rain and send it to you. Send me a self-addressed envelope with $20 in it and I'll put some rain in the envelope for you and send it back!:D

Indianapolis has had 8.5" of rain in may, 6.5" of rain in June & 4.85" in July (and the month is only 1/2 over)! We seem to not be getting rain showers, we get storm cells that explode with rain and then move on....
Tell you what, for $30 a box I'll take that rain off your hands lol

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:D:D send me CASH - I don't take checks (too many crooks out there) and I'll get right on it for you. Tell you what, since it's a volume thing, I'll still send a box for the same price of $20.....that's just the sort of guy I am !!!!:D:D:D

Hope you get some need rain soon....
I planted two plots last week Thro-N-Mow so have been paying attention to the rain events. There has been rain in some part of five of the last six days, some days substantial and others just the right amount for the planting. The ground is so wet that even on a sand based lawn the lawn tractor is digging in on turns. Germination or roots drying will not be an issue but rather can the newly sprouting plants tread water long enough to get a break whenever the rain takes a full day or two off.

Still though, Lake Ontario continues to drop and is now down a solid seven to eight inches from the high by my measurements. We can now walk to the outside fireplace at the cottage without walking thru water. Boaters Beach accessible from Sandy Pond now shows beach above water;The beach above water is now about 10 to 12 ft. deep. There are logs scattered about the beach but it is not so bad. There will be some great beach side bonfires no doubt. Contrary to the negative talk about the beaches being destroyed or gone, so far it appears they are still there and are simply mostly under water.

The old saying the trend is your friend usually holds true for rain; these daily shower type rains are likely to continue here another week or two or more which makes for easy thro-N-Mow germination. Sorry to say the reverse is often also true. Where the trend is week after week without rain, It may be time to get the disc out or just skip the brassica planting altogether and prepare for the grain planting time.

Hope you high and dry guys get a break; we had dry times last summer and it was tough growing anything well.
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