It's been a long time but I started prepping plots again...

Plot is kind of weedy since we are coming back from 5 years of going wild, but the Triticale was coming up great on Friday when I was out there. I went ahead and broadcast a brassica mix into into it as well. Ground was still good and moist on the surface, and we are getting more rain today. So that should come up great as well.

After my father passed away 4 years ago, my oldest son took my Dad's bow and started practicing with it. His goal has been to start shooting deer with it. Due to where he lives being hard to get practice in, it has been kind of an off and on thing for him really getting going with it. Last year he arrowed a really good buck and we lost it after a long track job. It made him more determined.

Monday he was out there to try and get a good meat doe. A perfect one showed up. He drew and let down twice waiting to get everything perfect this time. Third time he drew and let one fly. She went about 100 yards, but I am happy to say he made a perfect shot this time and blooded his grandfathers bow for the first time in 8-9 years.

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