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The drought that is. Not crazy about mud, but I HATE dust. Gonna be a long, miserable summer in northeast Georgia.
Feast to famine here...extraordinarily wet spring until just 1 week ago and now triple digits and no rain in sight...
Forecast in east texas "triple digits " all next week
~ 4 weeks ahead of historical norms

Heat:ON Rain:OFF

Had a surprise 1" rain 2 days ago but now looks like 6 straight days over 100 in Kansas. Hopefully the milo and beans got a good start before this heat spell.
Wheat harvest, short season bean planting, and hay season have farmers welcoming the sun and breeze. Hope they’re not singing a different tune soon. At least the humidity is still up here; makes it miserable outside, but keeps hopes alive for eventual rainfall.
It’s pretty brutal in N Tx. We’ve been over 100 for a week or so with no relief in sight. Summer started a few weeks early this year, we normally don’t get into this weather pattern until after 4th of July.

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Very hot for us this week and next. Of course for us that means upper 80s, nothing like some you guys. Severe storms have dropped frequent rains which has kept things growing. Even got new yard growing well which was a goal as the neighbors said it was impossible to do one without professional work and tons of top soil. I like the bragging rights. They obviously had never seen me grow rye in the bed of my truck before. Mention ph and soil tilth and organic matter and they stare at you like you are in a cult. Well, maybe most of us are in a way. LOL
2 3/4" rain since the end of April. Hottest May in long time . More of same so far in June. Plots doing poorly. La. does not handle drought well. But alas I'll never complain about something I have no control over.
Are you guys getting humidity with that heat? We've gotten by really well without humidity up here so far, but once that kicks up, even 65 degrees is awful.
We've gotten by really well without humidity up here so far, but once that kicks up, even 65 degrees is awful.
I am down in south Mississippi on the coast. I agree with you on the humidity, but we stop seeing 65 for lows in early April and won't see them again until October. The low tonight is 81 and the humidity is rather low at 63%.
We had a few pop-up thunderstorms this afternoon and looks like about 3/10s of rain. Not much but sure won’t hurt my buckwheat.
I dont care for it - but we need the heat. River is still up. Bottoms are still wet. Cant access over half my ground without rutting it up. Another three or four weeks of fairly dry 95 degree weather should allow me to get down and do some work.
After wk near 90 we had severe storms w heavy rain and winds. Lots of trees down. High Temps only in the low 60s next 3 days. Good w the bad.

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