Issue with Pecan tree...


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My late father planted several dozen pecan tree lining the driveway to the family place 30 years ago. We had several years of drought that were really hard on these trees a few years ago. First I started noticing disease in the bark of trees. Then a couple years ago most of the trees started showing dieback in parts of the crown...two really bad with the topmost 30-40% being dead. Last year we got decent rain. This year we have had great rain. Now the bark issues have cleared up and the tops of the trees seem to be recovering great.

Of the two trees that had substantial dieback, one I cut down last year. Once cut I could see that it had the start of ants in the core. The other is still standing. I had planned to cut it as well. But now it seems to show resurgence. There are a couple leads that look like they could become the new top.

But...if drought comes back, I would be facing the same problem, exspecially if it hits before the tree is substantially recovered. I am not sure whether to wait see or cut the tree. It is one of the larger trees and 30 years is a lot of time to make up.

I have a potted white oak that I was planning to replace it with this winter (as I did with the other I cut). Then over the years I would replace pecans as necessary with more hardy white oaks. For some unknown reason my dad planted a hickory mixed in with these pecans. If I wait and see on the pecan I will take down the hickory instead...I really hate hickory trees.
One thing pecans want more than anything is water. Tons of it. Pretty much can't give them enough unless they are flooded with standing water for too long. Might try fertilizing them next year and hope they recover. Drought stress can cause them to die years later sometimes regardless of what you do. Sorry they pooped out in you.
I'd have a hard time cutting it down if it is trying make a little come back. I'm sure there is a lot of sentimental feelings for these trees. If it was me I'd give it another year.