Is there a work-around?


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My hunting area has no useable AT&T coverage and Verizon 2 bar (at BEST) coverage. I want to do remote cams that send pics to me. Is there a way to make this happen? Is there is some kind of booster (12V powered?) I can put in the woods to increase reception? Or am I just getting this wrong? There must be thousands of cammers who operate in less than strong reception areas. What I really want to avoid is having to buy a series of cameras and try each of them out in the woods and go through the hassle of returning them because they don't have enough reception to work.
Find a camera that uses verizon. 2 bars is enough to send photos. Most companies make a booster antenna, but it doesn't mean you will get reception.
SwampCat, can you give me a feel for the quality of service? That is, does the time/date stamp on the pic pretty much line up with the time you got the pic? When I'm out on my place there's often a 5 minute or more delay before my outgoing email leave the outbox. I'm wondering if the "outbox" of the camera would have lengthy delays also.
The time stamp on the camera will be when the pic was taken, not when it was sent. The cameras we have been using have a 2-3 minute delay from the time a pic is taken until we receive it, no matter how many bars of signal it has. We are using Snyper Hunting Products cameras.
I just moved my camera yesterday because my selected area had poor response. Some spots just get signal better than others
lakngulf, understand and I expect that might be the situation where I am. Problem is, moving the cam away from where I want it kind of defeats the purpose. I've got a message up on the Spartan cam forum now addressing the same problem. Their cam appears to have an external antenna on it - hopefully (?) gets better reception?
64AF0C06-951B-4CA9-A565-A1999842B627.jpeg Generally, i get a text within about five minutes of actual time. A few come in several hours later - but most pretty quick. The pictures are reduced in size to facilitate sending by text. Attached pic is from a text the spartan sent.
My spartans only have 2 bars and send within 2 minutes of picture.I have a spypoint link evo-v that says it only has 1 bar.