Is it too much to ask???


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Lately I've noticed more and more that people are jumping into threads with posts that do not address the topic and are often completely out in left field.

I understand that topics drift, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the posts I'm talking about aren't just drifting. Someone asks a specific question about a specific subject and, almost without fail, we see responses that do not answer the question.

As a perfect example, I posted yesterday about some liquid fertilizer I bought at a fundraising auction and asked if anyone had ever used it........the first reply said "Give it to the wife to use on her flowers at home." this reply doesn't answer the question and doesn't add any useful information to the discussion. If that poster had said that he had tried it, or something like it, and it did or did not work........that would have been helpful.

Another example: I posted asking if anyone had lightly disced in broadcasted rye.......of the 12 responses, only 3 even came close to answering the question. Some told me they don't do it that way, some said to plant something else, some said to just throw it on bare dirt, one even suggested I move the plot!!!......and on and on.

This reminds me of some car building forums I read where you might see a question about a specific part for a big block chevy with responses from "big block chevys suck" to "I like mopars", to "my cousins neighbor owned a studebaker with a blown flathead" or "my ford is better than your chevy because it's painted blue, not orange"......:D

If I was a newbie plotter, this would be even more frustrating than it already is!

When responding to a thread, I try to answer the question that the poster asked!! I may ask questions to get a better idea of the situation so I can give a better answer, but I try not to go off into left field! I also try not to assume that the poster doesn't really know what question he needs to ask!!

In the discing in rye example, I have been here since this forum started and was a long time member on the QDMA forum......I know many of you broadcast rye on bare dirt with good results, I know many of you use the throw and mow technique with good results, I know some of you broadcast and cultipack or broadcast into standing crops......I know rye will practically grow in the bed of a truck.....I know plots need rain to grow....

I did NOT ask how you do it where you plot.......remember, we are all working with different conditions, equipment and resources.....what works for you may not work for someone else!! Don't assume that the "foolproof" method that works in your conditions is the answer to everyone else's situation. It isn't!

I asked a specific question for a specific reason and, out of 12 responses, only 3 were remotely helpful. I could have gone into great detail as to past experience in MY plots and why some of the suggested methods didn't, don't or won't work for me........but that info wasn't necessary to answer the simple question I asked which was, has lightly discing in rye worked for you.....

A good answer might have been:

Yes, I've done it and it worked......followed by more info as to how and why it worked
No, I've tried it and it didn't work.......followed by more info as to how and why it didn't work.
Yes, I've tried it and have found it works or doesn't work under these conditions.....

any of these responses answer the question AND add information to the discussion.

Is it too much to ask that, before we respond to a post, we actually READ the post and TRY to answer the question being asked BEFORE we assume that the poster really wants or needs different info than what was asked for?? If we did, I believe this would greatly improve the quality of the information shared on the board.

I'll shut up now.........:D
To answer your question on disking in rye...yes I have lightly disked in rye. Did it work? Of course it did...

Now - in areas that tillage brings up too much rock I have done it a couple different ways and it has worked those ways as well...

Now as far as the rain comment go’s... if it doesn’t rain it won’t grow any way you plant it...if seed hits the ground in any way shape or form the main ingredient to having success or failure is moisture. Some guys just seem like food plot gurus with the photos of plots they put on here but take the moisture away and even their plots start looking like something from Oklahoma or Texas...

Everyone has an opinion and the world would be a boring place if we all thought the exact same way...
I visit forums to be entertained and learn in the process. Sometimes I learn more from a post slightly off topic than I do from the OP. If I post a question or comment and somebody's post is off topic, I don't get butt hurt about it, I just move on. I think that's what most reasonable people do. You can disagree, it won't hurt my feelings.
To be specific to your question, yes I think its too much too ask. Just raggin you man. :cool:

I IS too much to ask!! How foolish of me to even ask the question!!:D

Many years ago, when I was in a very technical field, I went through some expensive and thorough communication of the things we discussed at length is the practice of listening.

What happens a lot on this and other forums is referred to as "self listening" conversation, this happens when a listener is so focused on his response that they hear, but don't really listen to the question being asked, before offering an answer. This results in a lot of miscommunication.

In written communication, this happens when readers only read part of a question or statement before starting to focus on forming a response. By focusing on forming a response before actually reading and understanding the question or statement, the response often does not really answer the question and miscommunication is the result!!

I know most on here wouldn't admit to doing this........but I'm betting their wives would insist that they do!!:D
I visit forums to be entertained and learn in the process. Sometimes I learn more from a post slightly off topic than I do from the OP. If I post a question or comment and somebody's post is off topic, I don't get butt hurt about it, I just move on. I think that's what most reasonable people do. You can disagree, it won't hurt my feelings.

Drycreek, you are one of those that posted a completely off topic response in the discing in rye are part of the problem!!.:D
As far as communication classes, if you ask a question about discing in rye, any response that discusses planting rye that way or any other way is still reasonably on topic, to expect otherwise is nitpicking.
Off topic would be talking about planting corn or how to plant noodles, or where to find brown butter in the grocery store. BTW why isn't brown butter ever found in grocery stores? YOU GUYS ALL KNOW WHAT BROWN BUTTER IS, RIGHT?
I don't think it's too much to ask. However a forum such as this thrives off of information. This is also a more conversational typ eof format vs say a post on FB. We tend to not get yes or no type questions, but instead we try to offer advice and solutions.....even if you may not be asking for it. We tend to deal with more "how to" or "why" or "help me with this" sort of questions. I don't think I have EVER simply answered a thread with just a "yes" or "no" answer. Some do it and don't realize they are doing it. Some do it just to be sarcastic. I don't think many here do it to be purposely difficult. I would say in 99% of cases people are really trying to help.

I too am in a technical field and I understand your angle of active listening and the like. This forum is more of a conversational type vs a question and answer type.....we have lots of information and experts (actual and self-proclaimed) so gather what info you can that helps you and realize your not calling the help desk. But I agree that if you ask a pointed question looking for a yes/no type of answer - one would expect a response to start with a "yes" or "no" answer.