Introductions thread needed?


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Ok, some of us have been here since day 1 or pretty darn near and many of us know each other from the other forums. However, today I saw a new member had made his first post so I asked him to introduce himself. I looked for a good place to do that and to be honest you better be willing to dig. I think we need a "welcome" thread - complete with a full tutorial on how the various functions of the site work as well as other helpful - but not required hints (like listing your location) or using tapatalk and the like. This would be a great place for folks to ask for other site related help as well. I think this needs to be pinned in the General talk forum.

As a spin off of that concept - I think we need an "introductions" thread. I would suggest this be pinned in the General Talk forum as well and be a place for current members and especially new members to introduce themselves to everyone. Instead of having to dig for a place to do so.

Just something that came to mind as I was looking for a place to suggest a new member introduce himself. Nobody likes walking into a party going full swing and trying to introduce themselves and get up to speed on who all these other people are. I simply think it would be a welcome sign to especially new members. Just my 2 cents worth.
I actually would like to see these as there own forum that way it shows up in the "main menu" and is real easy to find. A simple forum called "Introductions and getting started" I think would do the trick - we can then kick off an introduction thread and a "getting started on the forum" type thread as well. I have no issue kicking off the introductions if that is needed. I'm not as savvy with the "tricks & tips" of the forum however - but I will contribute what I can.
It will be up to cutman to make a new place for this. Moderators can only moderate existing areas. Perhaps you can send him a PM in case he hasn't seen this?