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Curious what everyone is using for image hosting? I’m done with Photobucket! Just downloaded all my photos to my PC, removed them from photobucket and sent a email requesting deletion of my account.


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I use Tapatalk to post pics from my phone. It's easy for me and cuts out having to download; from the phone to a computer, to a site, and then to a forum.

As far as photobucket is concerned... I downloaded as many crap pics as I could to my account to eat up their storage. I'll never use it again, but maybe I can protest a little in my own way.
Yep I send everything to Tapatalk via the phone. Used to put my trailcam pics on Flickr but now just email and save to my phone.


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This site is very user friendly allowing us to easily post up straight from the computer.

Another vote for Tapatalk on the phone. Just straight upload on the computer.

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