Identify these weeds in my soybeans?


Hi all. New here. This will be my new home since the "Q" in that other sites' name seems to stand for QUIT. :mad:
This seems like a good place though, so thanks for having me.
I have some weeds in my soybean plot that I was hoping to have identified and if possible, a way to get rid of them.
My plot is about 3/4 acre in size. I seeded the beans 1 month ago. I'm not looking for bean harvest, as the deer seem to like the forage a lot more. I thought with a late planting, I'd increase the chances of the beans lasting into hunting season. So far so good.
But what are these weeds and how can I safely get rid of them?
20160805_165825 (Copy).jpg 20160805_165849 (Copy).jpg
The above pics are of the same weed. There are a bunch of these in the bean plot.

20160805_165920 (Copy).jpg

The above pic is of the other weed that's starting to show up more. Some kind of prickly-leafed plant that's starting to flower.

So any ideas on what these weeds are and how to kill them? Is there an herbicide that won't harm the soybeans but will kill these specific weeds? The beans are almost a foot tall now.
Are your soybeans RoundUp Ready (glyphosate)?

The first pic appears to be red root pigweed . Pigweed (palmer amaranth) some of which has become resistant to Rup, so you might look at a product like Banvel. You can always call your local feed and see place and get a recommendation from them.

The second pic is Horsenettle.

Although I have developed an allergy to the hoe, that is an option for 3/4 of an acre. You could knock that out in no time, but whatever you do, do not wait till the pigweed goes to seed, otherwise, you'll have it forever! Good luck!
Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, these beans are not RR. I too was thinking about just going out there and doing it by hand, with a garden hoe. Where do you get Banvel from? Google isnt cooperating with this one. :rolleyes: I'll probably spend the extra money and get RR soybeans next year.
cuttem out with a hoe/spade or spot spray with some 2,4D or the like (I prefer a product called crossbow or crossroad as these weeds tend to need a little more "spine" to kill that base 2,4D may struggle with or even gly) with a back pack sprayer or a hand held wide wiper.
I have 24d b, and some weed killer that is 41% gly. Think any of those would work?
The 41% glyphosate will kill your soybeans. The 2,4d-b may not kill the horsenettle. A sharp hoe will kill them both! Free exercise and very limited expense! :) Using a hoe, on 3/4 of an acre, may take 50% longer than you using a backpack sprayer, depending on how many of those devils you have!
Second weed is common horsenettle. Hard to control in conventional beans. A thicker stand of early planted beans will shade it out.