I have a confused Pear Tree!!


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This is a picture as of today, July 29, 2017, Hot Weather, High Humidity, High Pressure, Central Alabama


It is BLOOMING. This little tree was my first on the ones grown from seed and put in the ground January 2013. The last two years it has produced a large number of small pears. This spring it bloomed as before, put on lots of fruit, and the late freeze got 'em. So it's energy this year has been placed on growing, or so I thought. I was bush hogging around it today and took some pics.



Meanwhile I have this one 75 yards away with some good fruit!


And what should I do with the one that got Fireblight this year? It is about 30 yards from the july blooming tree.

Those blooms won't freeze. As for the fire blight don't sweat it now but this winter the top half of that tree needs to be burned.

I'd graft the third one over to a more resistant variety
Thumbs up to this and Geo's comment. Make sure and graft well below anything on the main trunk that looks blighted.
Ive seen apple trees bloom midsummer. Seems like its after a dry period that turns wet.
Fire Blight...maybe. It could be literal fire scorch. Looks like you have an angry dragonfly living nearby. You might want to look into sacrificing a virgin or returning the gold treasure you took. ;)