Hybrid white oak acorns


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I was given these by a family member. The tree is less that 10 years old and dropping all kinds of acorns. They look like a type of burr hybrid to me. What do I need to do with these to prepare them for planting next spring? Do they need to be in the fridge?
A few were unusable.
To get them ready for planting remove the cap and float test them. The acorns that sink will have a higher germination rate so only plant the sinkers if you have plenty. Since they are in the white oak group you can plant them now. If you want to keep them in the fridge until spring, place them in a ziplock bag with a little bit of moisture. What characteristics make you think they are a hybrid?

The only thing that made me think hybrid was the speed at which the tree has grown and it was producing acorns within 5 years of planting. Grandpa simply put the acorn in the ground and off it went.
Only have one sinker after removing the caps. My sister-in-law just picked some up off the ground.
If it sinks with the cap on, can I leave it on? I don’t want to damage it trying to get the cap off.
I would remove the cap if possible. Floaters can still germinate, but the germination rate is lower than acorns that sink. If you only have a few acorns, I would plant them all.