Hybrid Poplar, gonna try some

Scott Clearman

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I have lost over 200 tree seedlings in the last 2 years due to the Texas heat in summer. I have no reliable way to water. My biggest problem may be that I am planting in a wide open pasture space I am trying to reclaim for trees.
So, I think I'm going to take some advice from Brushpile and plant some Hybrid Poplar trees to do the shading for me. I think a couple hundred cuttings planted to divide up the open space with various Oaks planted near by might have a chance.

We are dealing with total different climates but I planted 1500 hybrid poplar, and my advice is weed control, weed control and weed control. This planting was my largest failure with trees. Poplar grow like weeds in Central MN, so I thought I would put them in the ground and they would be 4' by end of summer. The weeds choked out 80% of them. Once they are established, they take off like a rocket.
Yeah, I think the weed issue is a big one. Brushpile recommends using black plastic or landscape cloth around the base to keep the weeds back and help with moisture.
I did bareroot planting vs. cuttings, but you bring up a great point. I would probably go that direction if I could do over. You save money with cuttings and you are taking care of the weeds with the plastic barrier.

I have lost 100s of trees from texas heat

I am in van zandt county

my best success has been with allegheny chinquapins, southern crabapples, persimmons,sawtooths, chickasaw plums