Hybrid Oaks


Has anyone planted hybrid oaks and seen results? I'm interested in adding some for diversity but wanted to see if any of you have had any good/bad experiences. Also, does any site sell hybrid oak acorns? I appreciate any info
I've planted Sauls Oaks (white x chestnut oak cross) that I propagated from a naturally growing one I found. I've had some luck. No acorns yet but should before too much longer.
I believe I have bought some late drop sawtooths from you in the past. They are doing great, by the way!
I planted a few and in one season I had a 2 foot seedling pass up 5 feet but not enough grow time to really see any benefits yet
I have some schuettes oaks or atleast what I believe are schuettes in their 3rd year doing well. I have crimson spire column oak hybrids. I have a beadles oak growing extremely fast. I plan to try growing a few concordia oak hybrids this year as well. To be honest I'm not convinced any oak is pure anymore, I think everything is a form of a hybrid with something else.
I'm growing 2 types of columnar white oak hybrids; Regal Prince ( col. English Oak X Swamp White Oak) and Crimson Spire (col. English Oak X plain white oak). The Regal Prince has denser branching structure and leaves like a swamp white oak; it is believed to be more resistant to powdery mildew. Attached are some photos to help folks identify these great hybrid white oak trees for screens. 1st photo is a Regal Prince that is around 15-16 mo.

comparison photos of RP & CS

I'm still trying to locate a few regal princes to plant here. I think we have talked before about column oaks, still one of my favorite trees for small spaces with big mast production and tons of varieties!
If you have a menards thats where i have bought them for years.In spring ours have them or if you ask they can order them.I have regal price,bebbs oak,bur x swo and some english mix with bur.I have seen acorns on some at 7 years old.
Menards will order them? My local menards is always sold out of everything in the spring practically before it gets unloaded. I may have to try that!
Yeah i was on it 2nd week in may i bought out the one buy my house and had them order 2 more.One guy told me no but another guy did it for me.All of them i bought had acorns this year.