Hurricane Dorian


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Another year, another hurricane. We are going to get a decent walloping here in Charleston. My house and the farms are predicted to get 12+” of rain with 4-7’ storm surges and 75 mph wind gusts. It will be a mess but nothing compared to the Bahamas.

Rain gauge is at 1.3” or so after today’s outer bands hit. Looks like the heavier stuff is settling in now. 2 generators are on standby and I have a pork butt to smoke tomorrow.
I got my hurricane supplies ready!

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Rain gauge looks to have 4-5” in it. Power went out around 4:30 AM at my house and at least half an hour before that at the farms. The neighborhood sky was green from transformers blowing. Still have many hours to go.
Power out at home and work still. Looks like 7” of rain at home, much less at the farm. Lots of downed trees on my family’s property south of Charleston. My dad has been busy on the trackho clearing water oaks and pines off the driveway.
We lost power over night but it's been on all day. Flickered a bit but solid overall. Internet just came back on.

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I feel you. Been there done that with Hurricane Michael last year - 11 months later people in my neighborhood still living in campers as they rebuild their houses and lives. Hope your clean-up and recovery goes well. If it's anything like Panama City, Florida, you are already inundated with out-of-state contractors coming to "help".
Lost one of my original dunstan chestnuts:


And one of my sawtooths:


We lost a lot of big oaks at another property. Going to be awhile before that’s cleaned up.

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Lost power in Summerville for only about 6 hours. Others I know were out for 36 hours. My hunting club on 165 north of ravenel lost a lot of trees. and some dang big ones