How to Add Location to Your Username


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How to Include Location on your Username

This explanation will use 3 photos (print screens) to get message illustrated

In photo #1 you would have clicked on your username on the top right. Mine is wbpdeer and you see the drop down box with a red circle around Personal Details. That means select Personal Details.


The second Photo shown below is what appears on the left side of the screen. I have drawn a blue circle around Personal Details which is first listing under the red label SETTINGS. Now remember this is the left side of the screen.



The third photo is shown below and it concentrates on the right side of the screen. I have added a red arrow pointing to the AVATAR. Mine is a Chinese Chestnut tree photo with my greenhouse in the background. You select the image you like for you. Let your personality and interest be shared & shown.
Down the page you will see a Blue Star beside the location field. Yes here is where you enter your location in so it shows below your avatar when you post. I added occupation to mine - that is my choice.


I hope this three photo explanation helps you get location shown.
Good Luck to all.


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Sure is great to see all of the new members that have signed up recently. Knowing your location sure helps with discussions and replies to thread. I hope the post above will help many of you successfully add your location to your username.

Hope your hunting season is successful. ;)