How many years in a row can soybeans be planted in same spot


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How many years in a row can soybeans be planted in the same plot? If anyone has experience with this please share your results and program to make it happen.

Thank you.
This question was asked at one of Dr. Grant Woods field day to the Eagle bean rep. He said you can plant every year without a break with no problems. I have a plot that I have planted for a straight 7 years and I have had no disease problems. Will be planting same spot again next year.
Wouldn't you be burning up your organic matter and mining out certain nutrients by planting the same crop every year?
Here is some info I found yesterday (in between food comas) about year after year beans. It is even about a farmer who is about 125 mile from me. I am going to go to year round beans. From what I have witnessed from my corn vs bean usage with rye over-seeded, the beans are utilized later i the season, last into Feb, March and offer more nutritional value than corn. I have a very high deer density and my corn plots hardly make it to and never through December. I have 5 acres of beans in two plots.

I live right at the edge of heavy ag. The Missouri river bluffs are what I border up to with ag almost nonexistent towards the river(about a mile and a half) but ag is king starting at my property, heading west.