How many of you guys...


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Like to show your deer off to neighbors, friends, family by physically driving them around to let them see it?

I will start...

If we are on the deer lease we pretty much have to unless we kill it real early and everyone is still out hunting. Most of the time we have hunters in camp and we weigh the deer there so we show the deer out of necessity I guess.

At home I show it to my wife and usually go by my cousin's house on the way to the processors because his son really likes to see them and since check stations in Oklahoma are gone then this is his only opportunity.

My neighbors never know if I kill one or not and that will probably stay that way.
Closest friends and brothers usually get a texted picture, or in person if they just happen to be there. Outside of that I make no effort to show the rest of the world.
Nah, most of mine go from ground to cooler in thirty minutes to an hour. If I kill a nice buck, they can look at the pictures if they want to. I do share my hunt story on ( if it's a bow kill ) along with a pic though, simply because I have read and enjoyed other's stories over the years.
I know many of the folks on these forums are always talking about the deer their neighbors kill but if I killed the stat record my neighbors wouldn't have a clue and vice/verse. I guess the main thing is I read on here. "My west neighbor killed a 130' and 2 does, and our east neighbors killed 4 does and a basket 8, and our..."

If nobody is talking how is does this info come about?
I share harvest details with (a) other hunters in my family, mainly cousins and uncles who hunt, (b) close friends that hunt and (c) a few neighbors near our place in WI. The neighbors get the info because (1) the neighbor to my west is my uncle and he let me hunt on his 450+ acres before I bought my place (and we generally have a beer every night we are both hunting), (2) the neighbors to my east include two 30-35 year old brothers who are just good people and they share their trail pics and harvest details with me and (3) the neighbors to my south introduced me to a group of men that has an annual hunting kick-off dinner the night before opening gun season. This last group of guys is good fun. Their properties are spread out over a 10-15 mile area and I'm nearly at the center. We have a big buck contest each year and share war stories, harvest info and generally make fun of each other...
My brother and you guys are the only ones who get to see any deer pics. Certainly not cousins\uncles\friends who live close by who could then start asking us if they can go hunting too.
My brother and you guys are the only ones who get to see any deer pics. Certainly not cousins\uncles\friends who live close by who could then start asking us if they can go hunting too.
Oh, they ask sometimes; but I'm really good at saying "no".
In reality, everyone I share the details with already hunts somewhere else or has no interest in hunting, but likes to see (and sometimes taste) the results.
Best friends get pic and/ descriptions, most of whom I've hunted with for years, we all celebrate each others successes. Nothing to neighbors, they think I seldom shoot anything. I seldom will even haul out a deer in daylight to keep secret. If someone asks, I'll show them, but otherwise just my own little world I like to live in. All my personalities understand me there.
I took my last buck to my uncle's house for pictures. He got me into bowhunting, and he's about the only one left in the area who I can share these things with.

The in-laws happened to be at the house (AGAIN) so they happened to get to see it before I took it to the processor.

My brother and out of town cousins and assorted friends get pictures and texts.
I always loved the guys with a pick up truck that would drive around with their tailgate down!!! Mine go from woods to truck to processor! But hey to each their own!
I make no effert to advertize. My tailgate stays up. My wife may glance at it, but for the most part I and my butcher are the only peaple to see it. I will take a pic just in case someone asks. Peaple tht advertize anoy me!!!
I only have one buddy who hunts so he gets a text, my dad and my wife are usually with me on hunting trips, so nobody else really knows or cares (which is fine by me)!
I share trail cam pictures with One Neighbor on my Southern Michigan parcel and One Neighbor on my Mid-Michigan property. Both are advid hunters like myself. My other Neighbors I don't see often. Some don't hunt and others hunt one weekend a year. I would freely share information as long as I trust them.
Here's how it works around here. If someone sees a big buck by accident or spotlight in my area, my property is surrounded and trespassed as they are after the big one. If a big buck is harvested anywhere in the immediate area that must mean there are more and I am inundated (swarmed) and trespassed. I share absolutely nothing with anybody because of this. If I shoot a nice buck, I have to process it myself. Very sad really that I can't share the moments with others but after 40 years of this I know the deal and it never gets better.
I have a group of buddies that have a camp a few miles from my ground. They do a lot of deer drive hunting, and kill a lot of deer. But it is more beer drinking and hanging out than serious deer hunting (even though they killed the only true Booner I have ever seen on the hoof but that is a different story!). They do cook a mean breakfast on opening day. It adds a little something if I can have one in the back of the truck by breakfast for show and tell!
I have a great relationship with my neighbors. I am surrounded by 3 neighbors and only the neighbor to the North of me hunts. He also is my dozer man and a very good friend of my dads. We always share our harvests together and always congrats each other on kills. He keeps a close eye on my property. However, I don't share trail cam pics:D
Part of a post I put in the "Jealousy" thread...

"If I have a big deer on camera I never have any allusions that the neighbors don't have pictures of it. I can usually tell by how much activity there is in September and early bow season around our property which starts October 1. If my wife or I happen to kill that buck or bucks we never let anyone know other than as I said a cousin and his son. I don't show my brother or sister, I definitely do not show any neighbors at all and the deer is headed to the processor PDQ until we can get setup to process our own with a grinder, skinning shed, etc...

The first year we owned our property we had no good access to our own place. Our gate into the property was near a neighbors home that had a bunch of dogs so every morning when I got there I had dogs barking at me and then the neighbors sons realized I was in there and I am pretty sure went out of their way to make the most noise humanly possible and since their house is right on our line and 40 acres deep into the property then that noise definitely affected the hunting. I had a new neighbor just up the road on my southeast side who helped me with some stuff and I helped him as well and I asked him if I could park at his house and walk down the road to our place one morning and he said sure thing! I ended up killing a pretty nice 5.5 yr old buck that morning that was really big bodies for our area and when I got back to the truck he was out there and told me he heard the shot and what did I get. I showed him a cell phone picture and I am pretty sure he told all the rest of the neighbors because activity ramped up big time in the area after that. He has mentioned things since that have a hint of jealousy in the tone.

Now we live on our place so access is not an issue. The son's of the west neighbor have all moved out and it is quiet once again. She has 1 dog that doesn't bark much. I am still really friendly with my east neighbor and we still help each other out but I don't talk hunting with him. I hunt as hard as ever and if we kill a deer we never mention it to anyone around us and when we hear shot's all around us we never ask anyone what they got or saw...out of sight/out of mind and don't ask/don't tell at work here...