How long /often to use fawn in distress call?


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Meat is the primary reason I'm hunting, so I was thinking of trying the fawn in distress call to see if it will bring in a doe. The problem is I can't find any recommendations as to how often or how long to use that call. I'd appreciate any insights more experienced callers can provide!

Also, is it known to be more or less effective during the rut?

Sorry if these are basic questions, it's just that I'm finding it hard to find information about how to attract does since all the articles seem to be about hunting bucks...
Best in early season when fawns are just coming off teat. Was a good call buck or doe 20 years ago but they are smarter and never use mine anymore. If you choose, call early or late as deer are moving to feed and only couple times. To make it work, you have to squeal the devil out of it as if the fawn is truly hung in a fence or being attacked. Great coyote call. I would go with doe bleat and/or grunt call. Much more effective if not over done and works thruout seasons.
I agree with early season. I called in a doe once using one. Something that will help to "sell it" is have something on the ground making a rustle or the like. I actually tied my drop line to some wire fence to simulate the fawn was caught in the fence. I would make the bawl and then shake the crap out of that fence. Doe came in to see what was going on.....from behind me. By the time I was able to position she figured my little game out and was gone (a decoy may help as well). If you use a can type call - sort of shake it when you turn it over as it helps give it a more distressed sound as well and make it a long drawn out call if you can - more of a bawl than a bleat. And yes you may call in a yote......shoot it!