How long does pork butt last in freezer?


Just wondering how long an unopened, sealed pack of pork butt lasts in the freezer before it's past. I have one from last season in my freezer. It's an upright freezer in the basement that freezes meats as solid as a rock. The package looks like one that's been vacuumed sealed.
As long as it is vacuum sealed, I will let them go a couple of years max. The sooner you eat them the better, but I have let some vacuum sealed meat go longer if I didn't want to eat it or had more than I could eat quickly.
They don't last long at my house... The temptation is too great. I BBQ all the time.
In the Fall of the year, lots of people quit BBQ for the year. Local stores usually put their inventory on sale. I try to buy up a half dozen BUTTS, and a couple Hams to smoke too.