How do you lift a box blind?


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Im hoping to build a box blind as a project for next year. So far the plans include a 6x6 blind, and going to get it about 12' off of the ground using elevator brackets and treated lumber. I do have access to a smaller utility tractor with 6' loader... I believe I can raise the bucket about 8-10'.. Just a guess.

I see a lot of you guys building some nice setups in your garages but I'm at a loss as to how you construct the blind, yet be able to get it on top of the platform 12' high?

Are you taking the blind back apart and constructing it one wall at a time in the air?
Are you building the whole thing, and using winches/ block n tackle to "roll" it up into the air?

We always did river duck blinds in sections, but that was a way different build than what I'm going for.

I guess before I get to building, I wanna have a plan to get it in the air. Your suggestions are all appreciated!!

Haven't built any of my own because I have no use for them but helped my cousins build a couple. We built them in sections on the ground prefab and concreted the legs into the ground because they said they would never be moved and didn't want to Oklahoma wind to blow them over. The platform was built in the air off of ladders and the walls were individually lifted up by FEL on the tractor and secured in place and the roof was then raised and placed...a few spikes and does have met their demise from these since...
Tim, Redneck blinds has a video showing different ways to lift up their blinds. I've put up two of their ten footers and it was a piece of cake. The video may give you some ideas even though it is written exclusively for their blinds, here is the link to the video. It starts with assembly and then shows how the Redneck tower blind is raised.
I build mine in a modular fashion and then "assemble" them on the tower. I have done 2 this way as I do it all myself with some battery power tools and my tractor and FEL. I build them in my barn in modular sections. And then take them to the site. Put up the tower and then I lift the sections one at a time as high as I can with my loader and then pull each section up the rest of the way by rope. I then assemble one section at a time. It might be more work, but it allows me to do it by myself and without needing a large piece of equipment.
Mine are modular as well, we prefab all the walls and platform then attach the legs to the platform. Raise with just the legs and base and install piece by piece.

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I have done it both ways. We have Rednecks and lifted them the way they show on their videos. Works like a charm. The home made towers with elevator kits we build in a modular fashion and erect on the tower. Basically 4 walls and a roof section, all 5 pieces set in place one at a time once we have the elevator base up.
They lift easy enough once you get them off the ground and the legs dig in.I still would do extra blow over protection even with the elevators.I have on that is 7ft off ground to floor and it has blown over twice before I set 1 post on the north and south side in the middle of blind.I extended this post about 2ft up the side and set in concrete.This keeps it from getting the movement that lets them fall over
I have put them in the air with a winch on a four wheeler and a couple guys to help it get up. I generally left them on the trailer to get a little advantage, two guys lifting and the winch pulling. Make sure you tie a rope onto it to help let it down once it tops out. And be safe !
I tried the tilt method but my ground was too uneven. The best method for me turned out to be just lift the blind with forks on my tractor as high as possible and cut the legs off to match the uneven terrain and set it down. I think I ended up close to 12 to the floor that way