Hot weather hunting...BLAH!


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It has been really hard to get into deer hunting this fall so far. We are dealing with record or near record heat on a daily basis and it is hard to get motivated when it is 90 degrees in late October to get any hunting done. trail cameras show no signs of rut activity other than limited sparring, a little scraping and a few rubs...seems as if everything I normally observe is about 2 weeks off right now...

Our Muzzleloader season starts this coming Saturday and normally we have some cold weather and some frost sometime during that week but our long range is showing a "cold" front pushing out of here Friday and on the opener is back to upper 70's and then 80's most of the week with 60's at night...This is always my absolute favorite week to hunt and it is hard to get into it right now knowing how pathetic the weather is going to be. Most of my stands require a North or NW wind and every single day is calling for a south wind...

Any of the rest of you experiencing this?
Yeah I've been once, going to go tomorrow and take advantage of this cold front but it's going to be windy. She the weekend is going to be nice and I work all three days.
Yeah Kubota, I feel your pain. I'm right there with you. I see some sparring on camera. I shot a doe last weekend, so I was able to get some meat in the freezer. I'm content now to let the cooler temps arrive. I think November 1 is when I saw the projected lows for my area of Oklahoma to be in the low 40's upper 30's. The colder the better. I want my face to freeze. It's hard to sit in a tree when it's this hot.

I remember hunting in Iowa when I was in college and wind chills would be -30. I love that weather. Makes you feel alive :)

GO CUBS GO!!!!!!!
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I'm with you Kubota. Our MZ season opened last Saturday and end this Sunday and I've only been twice because of the temps we have. Limited deer movement here but with the cold front coming the few days should be great for movement. Going to pull cards tomorrow and see if any mature deer are moving. Oldest deer I've seen is 3 yrs old but need to be 5 or older before I even think about targeting.
Our first 2 day ML season was last weekend. If I remember correctly it got up around 82 both days, and walking in early in the morning was warm enough for short sleeves. I can't complain too much about deer movement considering that we saw several deer in all 3 sits that we made, including one 3 year old buck. I was also a little surprised to see food plots being used a great deal regardless of the ground being covered with acorns. The second morning they grazed like cattle for over an hour after daylight.

But, I have to agree - rather blahh hunting in such hot weather. We finally have rain forecasted for tomorrow - the first in what must be close to a month. I threw rye on some thin spots in a food plot 3 weeks ago and it hasn't even germinated. Hopefully tomorrow will change that and bring some better temps. We aren't hunting again until November 12. Surely things will be better by then.

Trail cameras show some sparing and our dominant buck running in on does with his head down - of course it's way too early for that and they scatter like chickens..................
I sat through an 82 degree and breezless evening yesterday. I figure i have to do so much of that to get some good weather to hunt. :)
Cold front came through today and deer were on their feet. Weather looks stagnant for another week now, but at least it cooled down some.
Yep, the heat is just no good for movememt. Hunted this evening in the mid 80's and didn't see anything. Sweated on the walk in and took a while to cool off once i got situated. Pretty miserable.

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Okie...I feel your pain. I"m less motivated to hunt this fall than any year I can recall. Temp yesterday at 6:00 pm was 84 degrees. Earth is parched down here right now. So looking forward to cooler temps arriving and hopefully some moisture to go with it. Regardless of the weather, the rut will occur. And, cooler weather with moisture will arrive. Prime time is about 10 days away for the chasing phase to hit it's stride and the rut will be right behind it. Motivation will return...
I'll be out there sweating in the stand. Can't shoot one in front of the TV--at least my TV.
I can almost shoot one from in front of my TV in our new house but I can from our old one for sure. I can definitely shoot one from the dining room table at our new place though ;)
Well tomorrow begins our first time this year that adults can shoot something other than pointy sticks at deer and runs for 9 days...Muzzleloader season...

I am off the entire week and typically if I am going to get a shot at the biggest deer of the year it is this season. Only issue is this year this season is pretty early. Some years it runs the last few days of October and the first few in November but this year it ends before Halloween...

Staying with the hot weather topic as far out as I can see it is going to be 80's with warm nights. It runs a little warmer than these temps pictured where I will be so come Tuesday or so we will be mid 80's...every single day is a south wind. Best looking day to hunt is tomorrow for this entire coming week..


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I WAS going to hunt this weekend but it's just too warm. No sense in being miserable. Good luck to those who go!

I'm not complaining in Ohio.......went from 75-85 on Monday/Tuesday, to HIGH of 51 tomorrow!

I haven't been out all year due to other obligations, but I may try and sneak out tomorrow night!
Seems the only time we get rain here lately is when a hurricane comes through. When I hunt, I wanna be covered in 3" of snow before I get up to leave.
Anyone having much luck with morning hunts? I am going out this weekend and going to hunt both mornings. Mainly because the MIL is staying at my house. This October is going down as one of the hottest for Kansas. It has been about 10 degrees hotter then normal and I am sick of it.
It's been the hardest start to a season I can remember. We have had hunters on the farm everyday since Oct 1. To date we have shot 1 doe and 1 buck. We are in peak rut right now yet most of the activity is nocturnal. Mornings are spotty and all evening activity takes place about 15 mins before dark. Thats about when the mosquitos really crank up. To add insult to injury the wind has been light and variable making it really hard hunting the woods [ where the massive acorn crop is ] where visibility is so limited.