Horsenettle recommendations


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I'm planning on spot spraying HN plants in my clover plot following a mowing I did last week since they're perennials. They seem resistant to glyphosate and 2-4D. What do you recommend that will kill the roots? Thanks.
Thanks. I'll try to figure out how to mix it in a 2 gal sprayer. I've got some on hand that I used for honeysuckle bush.
Crossbow is a mixture of 2,4-d and triclopy. I'm guessing that would kill or at least hurt your clover. Raptor works well on horsenettle in clover and beans. Beyond and Clearcast are the same thing. Clearcast is the cheapest version.
I need to work on the horsenettle in our fields as well. From what I've read, regular mowing, especially after allowing the plants to flower, but not seed, will stress the plants so that a fall application of Gly will be fairly effective.