Horse Chestnut or ????


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I was out riding my bike yesterday in a local park and found a couple of trees that I need help identifying. They are roughly 10-15 feet tall. They were bearing what I thought was a fruit that looked like an odd sand pear. It was yellow and golden brown, but it didn't feel like a pear. I went back today to get additional photos and found one of the "fruits" had split open. When I touched it to get a better look, three nuts fell out. The nuts look similar to a chestnut, but are light brown and the tree looked nothing like a chestnut tree. Is this a horse chestnut of some type? It looks like some photos I saw of horse chestnuts, but the outer skin is smooth and there were three nuts within the single fruit. Anybody know what this is?

Red buckeye was one of my thoughts that I should have mentioned. I have a Mississippi field guide that lists red buckeye, but the bark in the field guide photo looks different and the nuts don't have an eye like some of the photos I have found. I will definitely not be roasting the nuts and trying them as the field guide says the nuts are deadly poisonous if consumed.

I just checked another reference and it definitely looks like red buckeye. Thanks for the help.