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We had a great night yesterday killing 14 sows from a 22 hog sounder. A large boar jumped over the trap panel, but he was shot and there was a blood trail. We killed 3 young piglets last week.
We had 22 hogs and 11 deer out on the 5 acre food plot last night.

hogs1.jpg hogs2.jpg
Do y’all not have a way to sell them? In Texas, we have State approved buyers that we can take them to alone and they will pay up to .45 cents a pound for the bigger ones. The hogs are the taken to a slaughter house where they are butchered and the meat shipped overseas.

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We can sell them to Oklahoma Outfitters with high fence for hunting. There is no one in Oklahoma that I know of shipping them overseas. My problem is I do not have a trailer to transport them and how to get them from the trap to the trailer.

When you kill them in the trap they will not come back for a while. I did kill three in the trap a week before I trapped the fourteen. Last year I killed two in the trap and they did not come back for months.
In AR, we can not transport live feral hogs and there is no market for dead ones. Most of the ones here that are killed keep the coyote population healthy
Ain't NOTHING more fun than hog trapping and hog hunting. NOTHING in the woods tastes as good either. I'll trade every pound of deer meat I get for wild pork any day. Yummmyyyyyy.
What are “handling facilities”?
Pretty sure there just holding facilities. The bigger boars may be sold to sporting facilities, the rest may be sold for slaughter. I've heard they want 100lb + for slaughter, little ones don't bring much if anything.

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We trapped and killed two big boars last night. Just got back from taking care of them.

3-11-18 Boars.jpg
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I really wish they did not sell them to hunting facilities here in Oklahoma. A downed fence at a holding facility near us is how we ended up with wild hogs...over 125 escaped about 20 years ago in an area nobody had ever seen a wild hog and now they have spread throughout the area and for miles...most all of them originally came from Texas.
What kind of trap are you using?
I built a 30 foot diameter pin using 16 foot hog panels and a Hog Slammer Saloon Style Gate. I have used a bucket of corn hooked to the trip rope. We have had lately sat in a tree stand next to the trap with the gate trip rope in the tree stand.
What kind of gate/door system are you using. How wide is the gate. Root stick, trip wire, phone activated?
3 feet guillotine door with root stick in back of trap. Lots of corn near feeder and just a little under stick. Runt of the litter ALWAYS trips it.
Here's last night's catch. Will dispose of them tomorrow. One thing you can't see is the 300 lb boar that is in there too. He's to the left out of camera range along with another big sow. We got the whole sounder.

Pigs 3-16-18.jpg
Working on a new guillotine style gate for ours. This will have new cell activated electronics designed by myself. Started with a 6’ gate we got from the scratch and dent pile at a local gate manufacturer. Plan is to weld hog panels to it and reinforce it.




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