Hinge Cut Area 10 Months Later

Sorry no pictures but I have 2 properties. One is a 25 acre parcel were we live. I have a house 1/4 mile on one side and 350 yards on the other side. There is a small patch of woods in between us and the closest house witch we own. Last winter I went in and hinge cut most of the hickory and hackberry trees and never went back. This fall I planted a TNM plot of rye,wheat bob oats and Austrian winter peas that I can see from the house. I would see an occasional deer in it all fall but nothing to write home about but now that our rifle season has been in for 7 days that thick patch of woods has a lot of deer in it. There spooked to, they step out of the thick and eat a little and then jump back in. A success!!
Sounds like it's doing what it's supposed to do. Congrats!
I've hinge cut three different areas in the past three years. Anywhere from 8 acres to 14 acres each time. I always cut in Jan/Feb/March. Something I've noticed is that the year following a hinge cut deer absolutely pour into the area, but not so much the year following. I'm guessing a lot of the trees that I hinge will live through the first year but not the year following.
Our hinge cuts have served the purpose of thickening the woods. We have some that are still alive and have some impressive mineral stumps. Overall, the regeneration has been slower than expected. Still, when the deer get pushed onto us, this is where they head. Several of our resident mature bucks use them. Thick nasty stuff:)