Herbicide mix in clover?? Spraying today

hello, I have a very nice 2nd yr stand of clover but I am battleing 3 tough weed species in it-

Yellow nutsedge and narrow and broadleaf plantain. I have tried mowing them to control but it's not working and I am tracing up my plots to much.

I have bentazon(basagran) to kill the nutsedge but it doesn't touch plantain, and I have 24 DB that I have had success in controlling plantain.
My question is, the label says I can tank mix the 2, but can the clover handle it, or will the mix damage the clover-

Thanks in advance
I have used 2-4db many times but never the basagran. My first thoughts are the basagran is a plant specific herbicide for the nutsedge and you will be just fine mixing the two. Clover is a tough plant and should handle it just fine. Just an opinion-no actual experience involved in this opinion:p
Should be able to mix the two OK but I wouldn't get my hopes up too much on the Basagran controlling the nutsedge. If you have yellow nutsedge it might work OK but if you have umbrella sedge or some other sedge more common to pasture type environments the Basagran likely won't work very well. Don't forget to add crop oil. Good luck...

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I used thunder/ pursuit / slay on some of those tough weeds in clover. A little expensive, I wouldn't bother unless I had a really bad problem. I'm of the school of thought that a few weeds in a food plot are ok. Unless I'd b sending pics to Farm and Ranch magazine.