Help on age and maybe a rough score

South central Pennsylvania
That's a top-tier buck for PA, but I doubt he is at his peak based on what I can see. My guess is 4.5 years old (low confidence based on poor body pictures) and low to mid 140's. His beams, G2's and G3's are all really nice! I believe he has the type of rack conformation to be world class, but there is no way in the world I could pass that deer.
bushnell_1507730870069.jpg So i got a picture of this buck again this year any ideas on age and score this year?


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The picture from last year he was a 10. Sure its the same deer or are the extra points just not visible in the pic.
Im just assuming its the same deer its the same core area he lives in and he made it through deer season last year unless there are several mature bucks in that area which is rare for central pa public ground