Help Me Plan Tree Varieties


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So, I'm a bit new to the whole tree game, and I know a great deal of you have been in it for a long time.
I'd love to add some variety to the habitat around here and have been struck by the "Curse of Google," meaning that a search engine to help me decide these things has taken me down a labyrinth that I don't have time for in my life. So if anyone would care to tackle some of these questions, I'm all ears -
These questions are coming from Hardiness Zone 6a (South Central Indiana) | Heavy Clay soil | pH of 6.4 | there is enough elevation to escape standing water and enough sun to meet full sun requirements | Fruit trees will be caged to protect the first few years of their lives.

Looking for production, consistency, and dependability overall. I would also like to be able to offer late season fruit varieties, so something that would go into late October would be nice.

1. Recommended Apple varieties? (note - CAR and Hawthorn Rust are very prevalent in my area).
2. Recommended Pear varieties?
3. Recommended Peach varieties?
4. Recommended fruit tree spacing for deer habitat?
5. Essential fruit trees not on the above list that would really offer something different?
Thanks guys. I’ll be reading for a while.

I didn’t include Persimmons because I already ordered 10.

My dad has them on his property and the deer absolutely love them. Hey, I love them too.

I am currently growing Dunstan nuts in hopes of a fall planting.

I planted 5 Chinese Chestnuts bareroot.

I’m hoping to find some DCO nuts at some point.

I bought a few Gobbler Oaks to try and there are a couple other hybrid oak trees I want to give a whirl.

But I’m pretty clueless on fruit trees. I need to stay away from susceptible varieties is really as far as I’ve read so far.

Thanks again.