Happy Thanksgiving!


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just a few short months ago we were a family without a home for a short period of time when we were evicted and our home was torn down (QDMA forum).

Thanks to cutman and alnipper49 we now have a new home and most of our family is back together again along with many new family members.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! May your travels be safe and your blessings be counted...

Happy Thanksgiving to all members and guests. I hope you have an opportunity to share this holiday with family and friends. I will get to see my son, daughter, three grandchildren, son-in-law and soon to be daughter in law at lunch. My wife has been cooking for two evenings to get ready.

I will be traveling on Sunday to Ohio for their shotgun season Monday opening.

This forum has come together beautifully since a late July beginning. Our numbers have risen at a swift rate. I am Thankful for the conduct and content found here on a daily basis. The credit goes to all contributors.

I am so Thankful for the leadership shown to make this forum an opportunity and now a reality. God Bless you for that leadership. :)

I am thankful for good health and my wonderful family. I am thankful for my internet family too.
Best wishes right back at you guys.

This week I attended the funeral of an old WW 2 vet in his 90s, and it really brought home how blessed we are in this country and the sacrifices that so many have given so that we could have the blessings. A group of old and young soldiers marched up to the casket and saluted it. One old fellow looked as old as his comrade who lay in the casket. You could tell that it was a struggle for him to even raise his arm to salute, but he did it with style and grace. I couldn't help but cry, because I knew that if the old guy has had his television on lately and seen some of the sad things going on, it had to break his heart. But it didn't keep him from being a soldier to the end and giving his brother in arms a final goodbye.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Appreciate the work to keep our "home" going.
I have been on excited two week trip during which I have been with all nine grandkids. Nothing better. From alabama to north Carolina. Now in Colorado.