Happy 4th of July!


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Just wanted to wish all of my friends on here a happy and safe 4th of July. Getting ready to pick up our grandson and go to the creek to grill burgers, swim, and fish...
Same to you Okie. I’m headed for golf w my son and some friends then big cookout and fireworks this evening.
Watched a docu on WW1 last night that my grandfathers fought in. Pretty gruesome. I still have rifles ,pistols and bayonets of family from both wars. My grand pups are enthralled w the bayonets and that they came from the wars but I haven’t had the heart to tell them how they were used. Will learn soon enough.
My dad flew recon flights n Korean hanging out side of plane w cameras mounted in removed gun turrets testing new technologies.
We are a lucky people regardless of political views

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Thanks Johnny. It’s a great day! Family is here at the farm for the good eats, fishing and shooting. In lieu of fireworks, I think we’ll appropriately celebrate the 4th shooting black rifles at “reactive” targets. Be safe everyone!
Same to you Johnny and happy holiday to all. Got out early this morning and picked blackberries and wild blueberries. Also cleaned out some shooting lanes and killed some thistles. Back home now and visiting with family.