Hack and Squirt Timing


Would it be effective to hack and squirt this time of year? If not, what season can I do it to get the best results?

Thanks for the help.
Hack n squirt in my area (SC) for my target species (Chinese tallow) is most effective in the late summer/early fall when the trees are getting ready to go dormant. This is when the nutrients are being transported down the tree into the roots for winter storage. This downward movement is what gets the herbicide down into the roots.

I think you are too late for this year.
I've done plenty in January and February (just because that was when i had time) with good results.

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I ask my forester just last week that same question but for basal spray and he said anytime there wasn't snow on the root apron as that is where it absorbs most.I just sprayed locust last weekend with remedy and diesel
Hack and squirt depends right now on where you live and if the tree has already gone dormant.
There are hickory, gums, beech and sycamore that I want to eradicate to open the canopy up and eleminate competition for the oaks.
Hack and squirt can be done anytime of the year, as can basal and cut stump treatments. Foliar treatments are best in late summer/early fall.